7 Must Visit Canyons at Lake Powell and How to Reach Them

Lake Powell, an expanse of turquoise water etched into the sandstone cliffs of Utah, is a true haven for boating enthusiasts. However, beyond its waters lie hidden treasures, narrow canyons that allure with their breathtaking beauty and promise thrilling adventures. Let’s explore seven can’t-miss canyons at Lake Powell and some tips on navigating your way into their awe-inspiring depths. 

1. Antelope Canyon

This acclaimed slot canyon is a paradise for photographers. It can be accessed by boat from Wahweap Marina. The interplay of sunlight filtering through cracks in the sandstone walls creates a mesmerizing display of colors on the canyon floor. Just be prepared for crowds during peak seasons.

How to reach it: Depart from Wahweap Marina. Head north towards Antelope Point. You’ll find the entrance to the canyon on the side of the peninsula, 1.5 miles away from the point.

2. Rainbow Canyon

With its Navajo sandstone cliffs, this picturesque canyon offers an experience for both paddlers and boaters alike. Some sections of this canyon do narrow down. It’s important to remain vigilant about boat traffic in those areas.

How to reach it: Located on the west side of Lake Powell, 10 miles north of Wahweap Marina. Look out for the entrance to the canyon of the Navajo Bridge.

3. Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon is a must-visit for geology enthusiasts as the Colorado River has carved it over millions of years. You can take boat tours from Antelope Point Marina. Explore the canyon on a kayak or paddleboard. 

How to reach it:  Located on the east side of Lake Powell,  15 miles north of Antelope Point Marina. Regular boat tours depart from this marina.

4. Dangling Rope Canyon

Dangling Rope Canyon is a beloved spot among kayakers and paddleboarders due to its waters and breathtaking scenery. The name originates from a natural rope formation that hangs from the cliffs. 

How to reach it: Dangling Rope Canyon is located 20 miles north of Wahweap Marina on the west side of the lake. Look for a rock arch marking the entrance to the canyon.

5. Face Canyon

Face Canyon is a hidden treasure exclusively reachable by boat. It promises photographers a paradise, with its petroglyphs adorning the canyon walls and its water mirroring the towering cliffs like a flawless mirror.

How to reach it: To reach Face Canyon, head towards the east side of Lake Powell, 25 miles north of Wahweap Marina. The entrance to the canyon is not marked, so make sure you have a map or GPS device.

6. Wahweap Canyon

Wahweap Canyon offers majestic views and is home to the famous Wahweap Marina. It’s a spot where people love to unwind and appreciate the scenery. 

How to reach it: You can find it on the east side of Lake Powell, south of the Glen Canyon Dam.

7. Moki Canyon

Moki Canyon provides a wilderness experience that can only be accessed by boat or on foot. Hikers have an opportunity to explore ruins and petroglyphs, while boaters can revel in landscapes and wildlife sightings. 

How to reach it: Moki Canyon is located 40 miles north of Wahweap Marina on the east side of Lake Powell. Please note that there are no markings at the canyon entrance, so having a map or GPS device is crucial.

Tips for Exploring Lake Powell Canyons:

  • Be prepared: Check the weather conditions before you go, and dress in layers. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a hat.
  • Rent a boat or kayak: If you don’t have your own boat, you can rent one from a marina. Kayaks are a great way to explore the narrower canyons.
  • Hire a guide: If you’re new to the area, consider hiring a guide to show you the best spots and teach you about the history and geology of the canyons.
  • Leave no trace: Pack out all your trash and respect the natural environment.

With its network of canyons, breathtaking landscapes, and countless possibilities for adventure, Lake Powell truly is a haven for boating enthusiasts. So gather your swimsuit sunscreen and adventurous spirit as you prepare to embark on a journey through some of the world’s most exquisite canyons! Considering a pontoon boat rental for your visit to Lake Powell? Lone Rock Boat Rentals at Page, AZ can help!

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