Amidst the borders of Northern Arizona and Southern Colorado lies the stunning turquoise waters of Lake Powell. This breathtaking masterpiece is surrounded by a canvas of red rock cliffs and canyons, which makes the location ideal for a wide variety of activities. However, exploring the tranquil waters of this lake is impossible without a watercraft, and when choosing a watercraft, you need to choose one that is spacious, family-friendly and designed for your safety, luckily, we at Lone Rock Boat Rentals are offering you some of the best pontoons on the market for your next adventure. And if you have been wondering whether a pontoon is the best watercraft for your adventure at Lake Powell, then keep reading this post. In this post, we will run you through the various advantages and disadvantages of Pontoon Boats at Lake Powell for the perfect water exploration.

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Pros of Renting a Pontoon Boat:

Pontoon Boats Are Comfortable & Offer Spacious Seating For Large Groups

If you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable pontoon boat rental for exploring Lake Powell, Lone Rock Boat Rentals has got you covered. With our beautiful and clean Bennington SL23‘s equipped with a powerful Mercury 150, you can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water. These top-of-the-line pontoons can easily accommodate up to 13 people, making them ideal for families, groups of friends, and tourist groups looking for a fun and comfortable experience exploring the beauty of Lake Powell.

Pontoon Boats Are Affordable, Especially When Split among a Large Group

Since most of our pontoons can host 13 people comfortably, this means, you can easily split the cost among your group, making the experience on the water affordable. Not only that but compared to renting other water crafts such as traditional boats, renting a pontoon boat can be a cheaper option, compared to power-jet boats.

Pontoon Boats Are Perfect For Families and Friends to Enjoy a Day On The Water

What makes Pontoons the perfect boat for friends and family who love to interact with each other is the deck space and flexibility. This is because pontoons have more deck space than traditional boats, giving you more seating space or socialization area. Not only that, but the seats in the deck area of the boat are flexible, such that you can easily switch the position of your seats in any direction to easily socialize with your friends and family. This feature isn’t available on most traditional boats since their seats are fixed in the forward position.

Pontoon Boats Can Access Secluded Areas of the Lake That Larger Boats Cannot

Even though pontoons are large enough to host your friendship groups or family, one feature you will love about these boats is that they are engineered to fit into spaces larger boats cannot. They aren’t as big as larger boats, but they are large enough for a comfortable experience.

Pontoon Boats Are Easy to Operate and Maneuver, Even for Beginners

If you’re considering renting a pontoon boat to explore Lake Powell, you may have wondered: How to drive a pontoon boat? If this is your first time operating a watercraft, you will love driving a pontoon. “How to operate a pontoon boat” is a valid concern. Thanks to their simple steering mechanism, pontoons are easy to maneuver, making them beginner-friendly watercraft for anyone looking to explore waterbodies. In addition, the wide beam of pontoons makes them stable in water compared to other boats, giving you more control of the craft.

Pontoon Boats Are Great for Fishing, Swimming, and Other Water Activities

If you are into watersports, you can still use a pontoon. Pontoons are great for skiing, tubing, fishing, and a wide variety of water activities. At Lone Rock Boat Rentals, all our pontoons are powered with a Mercury 150 outboard motor power-packed with a 150 HP four-stroke engine, providing you with more than enough power required for all your watersport activities.

Note: You need a minimum of 70 HP for tubing and 60 HP for water-skiing.

As stated earlier, pontoons’ wide beam makes them more stable; as such, you can easily stand and cast your reel to catch fish. However, one feature that makes pontoons ideal for fishing is their shallow draft, which gives the craft more buoyancy; most pontoons can access shallow areas of up to 2 feet of depth, making them ideal for fishing in shallow waters, where more fish can be located.

Cons of Renting a Pontoon Boat:

Even though pontoons have many great pros, we would like to point out certain cons to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Pontoon Boats Aren’t as Fast as Some Boats

You may have wondered: “How fast are pontoon boats?” Even though pontoons are quite fast, they aren’t as fast as most ski boats. Most pontoons hit a speed of 30 mph, while most speed boats hit speeds of 70 mph on average, with others hitting speeds of up to 100 mph; therefore, if you are looking for a high-speed watercraft, a pontoon might not be ideal.

However, to us, the moderate speed of pontoons is a plus since it allows you to enjoy every location of the Lake to your satisfaction without having to stay at one specific location for too long, which can bore you out.

Pontoon Boats Aren’t Suitable For Wake Surfing

Even though pontoons are great for surfing and tubing, they aren’t a good choice for wake surfing; this is because pontoons displace lots of water and when coupled with the relatively slow speeds, pontoons aren’t able to create waves that are large and clean enough for surfing.

Pontoon Boats Aren’t as Maneuverable as Smaller Boats

We know we said pontoons are easily maneuverable; however, we want to point out that they aren’t as maneuverable as jet skis. This is because the small size of most jet skis and smaller boats makes it easier and quicker for them to respond to steering than pontoons. However, that being said, pontoons are much easier to maneuver than other watercraft.

Pontoon Boats May Not be as Visually Exciting as Other Types of Boats

One thing most people do not like about pontoons is their unappealing design. The lack of sleek line, the flat deck, and the box-like design of this watercraft don’t make it as streamlined and visually appealing as other watercraft; however, you have to note that these compromises and designs had to be made to provide more stability and space.

Make Your Next Trip to Lake Powell Unforgettable with a Pontoon Boat Rental

Summing Up the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pontoon Boats

Why You Should Rent a Pontoon at Lake Powell

  • Pontoons are spacious
  • They are great for water skiing and tubing
  • Access areas not accessible by larger boats
  • Easy to maneuver and beginner-friendly.
  • Affordable
  • Great for fishing and swimming

Reasons To Book A Pontoon From Lone Rock Boat Rentals

So, if you want to make your next Lake Powell excursion something to remember, do not hesitate to call us. At Lone RockBoat Rentals, we are committed to giving you a 5-star pontoon boating experience that will leave everyone in your group wanting more. Rent one of our luxurious 23’ Bennington pontoons, and you will get a pontoon with large spaces that can accommodate up to 13 people. Not only that, but we offer some of the most affordable rates available on Lake Powell.

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