Why rent from Lone Rock Boat Rentals?
What are the requirements to rent a boat?
What time do I pick up my boat?
What time do I return my boat?
Do you offer half-day rentals or by-the-hour?
Where are the boat(s) located?
What happens if there is bad weather?
What is your Cancellation and Refund Policy?
Do I have to return the boat full of gas?
What are the rules and regulations to operate a boat on Lake Powell?
Do you offer multiple day rentals?
What happens if the boat breaks down while we are on the lake?
Do You Guys Carry Insurance?
Do I Pay A Security Deposit?
Can I pay cash?
What type of credit cards do you accept?
What happens if I return the boat and damage is noted during check-in?
Why am I responsible for damage?
What if there is already damage on my rental?
What do I need to bring with me to my rental?
Do I need to bring my own cooler?
Can we drink alcohol on the boat?
Are your boats pet friendly?