A boating license is not required to rent or operate a boat on Lake Powell. To rent a boat from Lone Rock Boat Rentals, you must be at least 25 years old, have a valid, state-issued driver's license or passport and have a copy of their current automobile insurance card. The renter and operators of our boats need to understand both Federal and State (Arizona & Utah) boating laws which apply on Lake Powell. Lone Rock Boat Rentals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not understand the boating laws or who we believe are incapable of understanding or the ability to comply with these laws. Renters will need to have basic boating experience to rent our easy to use boats and be able to comprehend operating instructions provided by our staff at the time of delivery.
Lake Powell is a dual state waterway, therefore, rules for both states apply. In addition, the Glen Canyon Recreation Area is a national park and is regulated under the US Coast Guard. Following are links for all the respective governing agencies.
We require a $500 damage deposit (which is fully refundable) to rent our equipment. This is to cover any damages that occur to our boats/equipment while in your possession. Examples include, but are not limited to, damage to the propeller, low fuel, lost keys, missing life jackets, etc… Your damage deposit refund will not be available on your card until the funds have been released by us following a full inspection of our property and equipment, and the release of your funds by your credit/bank agency back onto your card. The time frame can range from 3 to 21 days. The renter is responsible for any and all damages to exceed the $500 damage deposit.
Yes! We accept cash as payment. This does not eliminate the need for a credit card for your deposit and fuel payment.
8:00 – 8:30 AM Arizona Time is when your boat will be available. We deliver our boats on the water at Wahweap Launch Ramp. A Lone Rock Boat Rental representative will meet you to review the delivery condition of equipment including prop and fuel level, review safety features, discuss boat operation and point out amenities. GPS coordinates and a short video on where to park will be sent the day prior to your arrival.
Boats are returned to the same dock at Wahweap Launch Ramp by 5:00 PM Arizona Time. This time is set because the fuel dock on the water closes at 5:00 PM, and you need to return the boat with a FULL tank of gas. Any boat returned after 5:00 PM will be considered late and assessed a $75 late fee in addition to fuel costs plus a $50 refueling fee. We are currently on our Winter Hours of Operation from September 1st – April 1st Our Hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM All boats need to be returned by 4:00 PM
We do NOT offer hourly rentals or half-day rentals. You are free to take the boat for however long you wish within the rental period but you will be charged for a full day rental.
At the Office In Page, Arizona: 680 Haul Rd Unit C, Page, AZ 86040. Boats are delivered and retrieved at Wahweap Launch Ramp at Lake Powell. The exact GPS coordinates are: 36.99357 N, 111.48591 W
We reserve the right to cancel any boat rental if inclement weather is forecasted during the rental period. Should the weather not cooperate and WE REFUSE TO let the boat out, you will not be charged for the reservation, a refund will be issued. Renter decisions due to weather will result in the issuance of a credit good for one year from date of issue for rescheduling at a later date. Decisions regarding weather conditions can be determined up to 1 hour before departure time. Please contact us if it looks as though weather may be an issue the day of your reservation to discuss options. We do not give refunds for boats returned early.
We Have A Strict Cancellation Policy. Reservations are required for boat rentals. 7 days or less from reservation pick up date – rentals will not be refunded. Renters that fail to pick up their rental will be charged one full day’s rental fee. More than 31 days from reservation pick up date – 100% refund 30 days to 8 days from reservation pick up date – forfeit of 50% payment of boat rental fees; taxes, and equipment rentals will be fully refunded.
Yes! You can rent a boat for up to 14 days. Multiple day rentals are eligible for a 15% discount.
Stay Calm. We take a great deal of pride in the quality and maintenance of our rental boats, but mechanical failures can and do happen. You will need to call Wahweap Marina Services to arrange for boat towing. If the mechanical failure is due to normal wear and tear, we will issue a refund for remaining time lost and towing fees. If the mechanical failure is due to damage caused by operator error or carelessness, the renter will be held responsible for the full rental amount, towing fees, all costs to repair the damage and any rental days lost due to the boat being inoperable.
Yes We DO! We carry a liability policy but at this time we do not offer any insurance on our boats. You will be expected to sign a liability waiver upon booking/reserving a boat or equipment online. The Renter is responsible for any and all damages to the boat, its equipment, personal injury and any injuries to third parties (if applicable). Third party insurance is greatly suggested.
You are responsible for any and all damages to our equipment. Your damage will be assessed and charged upon return. In the clearest terms, “You break it you pay for it”.
The renter is solely liable for any and all damages of equipment including boat and sport gear while it is in your possession. Inspecting all equipment for existing damage is your responsibility before leaving the office or dock.
You and a member of our staff will perform a complete walk around of the boat and any additional rental equipment before you take possession. This is the time to point out and record any existing damage or deficiency. You can also take your own photos prior to taking possession of the boat and/or equipment.
Photo ID (State-issued driver(s) license or passport) for all drivers.Credit card of the responsible party. Waterproof bags, beach towels, sunblock, cell phones, reading glasses and shoes to wear on docks, etc…
A small cooler will be provided but you may bring your own coolers as well. You will want to make sure you have plenty of water in the Arizona sun!
Alcohol is allowed on the lake except for any driver of the boat. There is zero tolerance for boat driving and drinking. Lake Powell is located in both Arizona and Utah and the penalties are the same whether driving a car or driving a boat in each state. However, please note: over half of all boating-related drowning incidents involve the use of alcohol, and many times the injured person is not the captain or designated safe boater. Practice safe boating at all times by restricting use of alcohol to everyone on board- not just a few people.
No, smoking on pontoons can pose a significant fire hazard and can be dangerous for individuals using the pontoons or nearby boats. Additionally, smoking can be harmful to the environment and can contribute to pollution of the waterways. For these reasons, it is often prohibited to smoke on pontoons, and visitors are usually requested to refrain from smoking while on or near the pontoons.
Unfortunately, no. We don’t want future customers who are sensitive to dander or odors to not have the same great boating experience.
Yes, a map of Lake Powell can be provided.
We offer a 10% rental rate discount for US military personnel and veterans. To get this discount you need to provide some form of military ID or proof during the rental process. We also provide a 15% discount on multi-day rentals that extend beyond two days. However, please note that we do not combine the military discount with the multi-day rental discount. If you're interested in the promo code, feel free to contact us at (928) 660-2662. Additionally, we occasionally offer promotional discounts based on boat availability, as well as early or late season rentals.
In general, cell phone coverage on Lake Powell is poor with most carriers. The closest signal repeater is positioned on the peak of Navajo Mountain, and to get some service, it is necessary to maintain a direct line of sight with the repeater.
All rentals come with a small ice chest, a map of Lake Powell and a FULL tank of gas. Each boat contains all safety equipment to operate legally on Lake Powell per National Park Service and the United States Coast Guard requirements.
Yes! Water skis $25 per paid and tubes $25.
We provide USCG life jackets for the maximum of 13 people allowed per boat. Please let us know the weights of your little ones to make sure they’re properly fitted. We also have sports water jackets for adults for an additional $5 per jacket.
We recommend as soon as you know for sure what day(s) you will want to use the boats and reserve online. Summer, especially weekends and holidays, begin booking as early as February.
Lone Rock Boat Rentals provides a launch and retrieval Valet service, so all you have to do is show up at the launch ramp and load your belongings. However, if you want to personally launch and retrieve, you will need a vehicle with a 2" ball.